Jason's book won't just change your life, it will change the lives of everyone around you!

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New York Times Bestselling Author

Discover the full potential of those you love and lead.

Whether you're leading your family at home, staff at the office, or just your friends, you can become the person they will follow for the long haul.

1. Cultivate Your Influence

2. Discover People's Potential

3. Help Them Soar

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Coming 2023 

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About the Author

Jason Patterson

Jason spent the first decade and a half of his career traveling widely as a speaker. In 2015, He and his wife, Andrea, moved to Fishers, IN to launch Parkside Church with an amazing group of people. Today, he continues to lead at the church, coach other leaders, and has recently written his first book, From Your Biggest Fan, about his passion to help others discover their God-given potential. He and Andrea live in the Indianapolis area with their three young children.

About the Book

There is unseen God-given potential in every person. Few fully discover and fulfill it in their lifetime, but it doesn't have to be this way. In From Your Biggest Fan, Jason Patterson shows us how we can cultivate our influence in the lives of those we love and lead and deploy it like Jesus would—for the benefit of everyone but ourselves.

Through powerful storytelling, a razor-sharp wit, and personal vulnerability, Jason lays out a new mindset that opens our eyes to the wonders woven into every person and candidly shares his own struggles with insecurity, negativity, and other obstacles that can rob us of the ability to champion those around us.

Helping others realize their God-given potential is easier than we imagine. With the simple habits provided in this book, we can become the biggest fans of our families, friends, staff, co-workers, and classmates, helping them discover their true worth and championing their God-given dreams.

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